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Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer


Een algemene omschrijving van de vacature Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer is:

For Abbott in Zwolle we are looking for a Food and Safety Engineer shortly. If you are interested apply a.s.a.p.

They invent, develop and deliver a diverse range of essential healthcare solutions that support disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Working with them, you’ll experience a myriad of cultures, geographies, businesses and technologies. You’ll tackle a wide array of problems including some of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. And you’ll be part of a company committed to helping you build a fulfilling life and a rewarding career.

As a Food and Safety Engineer you will have the responsibility for preventing and solving quality problems, and also accompany and train people in the execution. This ensures that Abbott products meet standards for food safety. In practise this means monitoring, optimization and improvement of the quality of the products in the designated production flow, with the specific area of interest to monitor and improve cleanliness of the plant and food safety.

Het soort dienstverband behorend bij de vacature Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer is:

This is a temporary job for 16 to 20 hours per week for the duration of 3 to 6 months. Start date a.s.a.p.

De taken van de vacature Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer zijn:

  • Sanitation:
    • Preparation of the sanitation planning, taking into account the production of the relevant department.
    • Establishing a long-term plan / year plan of the sanitation team
    • Achieving improvements Attn quality sanitation
    • want ( and unsolicited ) advice to cleaning activities within production departments
    • Assess cleaning method , improving cleaning method
    • The ( do ) conducting training of operators in the field of sanitation
    • Work on synergy effect of cleaning by operators and sanitation team
    • Achieving improvements Attn quality sanitation.
    • Measure Effectiveness Team and improve sanitation
    • Realizing increase cleanliness in the production departments

  • GMP:
    • Organization of GMP inspections and observations about production departments
    • Increasing the continuous level GMP / keep alive the GMP to ensure continuous focus
    • Supporting and advising on large GMP improvements
    • Identify deviations and improvements in field GMP
    • Organizing GMP / GMP audit ready in field

  • EMP:
    • Interpreting EMP results
    • Improvements signaling Attn EMP program
    • Translating results to all levels of organization
    • Priorities determine on the basis of EMP results
    • Actions off on the basis of EMP results
    • Clarify EMP results , draw conclusions on the basis of EMP results

  • Standards:
    • Monitors changes in internal or external policies and legislation and examines the impact of this is for their own interest.
    • Measure, assess, monitor and approve of the established quality standards and specifications for product, material and process.
    • Supporting adaptations of standards / specifications.
    • Activities Attn securing standards

  • Directing staff:
    • Responsible for the quality layout and occupancy of staff
    • Functional control of Sanitation Team.
    • Effective and efficient use of sanitation team

  • Audits:
    • Supervising internal and external audits.
    • Identify and after approval by Team Leader / Production Manager implement corrective measures on the basis of audit findings.
    • Correct and timely action in derogation
    • Preventing recurrence of deviation

  • Deviatons:
    • (Let) identify and assess deviations in accordance with procedures and guidelines.
    • Advise this matter, approving decision processing.
    • After approval by the management (monitoring) deal.
    • Identify trends abnormalities
    • Correct and timely action in derogation
    • Preventing recurrence deviation

  • Information and documentation:
    • Develop and maintain product-related documentation in the field of work instructions and procedures.
    • Maintenance of existing management.
    • Providing assigned periodic reports.
    • Correct and up-to- date documentation

  • Performance evaluation criteria:
    • Commitment and effective sanitation team
    • Translation of compliance standards on GMP to practice in production
    • Giving substance to doing GMP observations and follow-up
    • Quality of analysis
    • Quality of reports
    • ( doing) compliance with quality
    • Timeliness and accuracy transfer and information exchange
    • Obtaining planning
    • Degree of audit -ready
    • Follow-up on anomalies
    • Documentation Correctness

De functie-eisen van de vacature Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer zijn:

  • Bachelor or Master thinking and working level in the field of food technology or equivalent (at least a bachelor Bachelor is preferred)
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the field of quality ( among others HACCP)
  • Experience and knowledge of microbial processes and their interrelationships.
  • Fluent English
  • Excellent written reporting skills, also in English
  • Knowledge of and experience with Pest Control and GMP legislation and guidelines
  • Years working experience: Minimum 1 years’ experience in a similar function

  • Focus on quality
  • Initiative
  • persuasion
  • building and maintaining relationships
  • Overlooked processes
  • Tenacity
  • Motivating others

De arbeidsvoorwaarden bij de vacature Urgent: Food and Safety Engineer zijn:

As an Abbott professional, you’ll work in a dynamic environment that:

  • Fosters your growth through comprehensive learning
  • Recognizes and rewards your contributions through competitive compensation to align your work with business success
  • Values and encourages diversity
  • Provides you with meaningful work and gives you the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of people across the world






Saskia Ransijn - Prickaerts
T: +31 317 484 940
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